Zhilevan Blog http://www.zhilevan.com/en/drupal_feed/rss.xml en Drupal Security Shield For Contributed Modules,What That Means? http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/drupal-security-shield-contributed-moduleswhat-means If you have been looking around for new Drupal contributed modules lately, or just reviewing the release versions and statuses for modules that you are using, you might have noticed a new shield icon at the bottom of the project information section. Tue, 14 Feb 17 22:02:48 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/43 How Deploy Drupal to Heroku http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/how-deploy-drupal-heroku what is Heroku? It’s a service for developers eager to get their applications online without having to worry about infrastructure details. Metered, pay-as-you-go Cloud Computing services come in all kinds of flavors. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings like AWS allows enterprises to shift their entire operations away from traditional data centers. The downside is that you’ll have to manage networking and provisioning yourself. Thu, 26 Jan 17 23:26:32 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/38 Query on Drupal 8 with EntityQuery http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/query-drupal-8-entityquery Often when building a site in Drupal you'll find yourself wanting to display a list of nodes, or find entities created by a particular author, or locate some content based on a particular set of criteria. Rather than querying the database directly, Drupal provides a helper class, EntityQuery, to make things a bit easier. Sat, 14 Jan 17 16:02:25 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/36 Get ride of curious users on headless Drupal http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/get-ride-curious-users-headless-drupal We using Drupal 8 as headless ( Decoupled) core of  Zeyton project,we  setup Drupal at core.zeyton.com and that provides data for our Front-end Layer, One of our requirements is only admin could access the Drupal pages, I mean anonymous user couldn't surf Drupal pages So I suggest a plan to satisfy this requirement, my scenario  is when user try to access Drupals pages  we check user if  user is not logged on or current path is not our ENDPOINTS paths redirect user to  login page, In D Fri, 16 Dec 16 13:37:13 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/34 Nginx config for Drupal 8 http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/nginx-config-drupal-8 Just in case anyone is wondering what's the correct way to configure Nginx for running Drupal 8 installation, or having trouble with Clean URLs or Image styles, I'll post my config as a Gist here. The Gist will be revised and improved over time, so please come and check for updates! Suggestions or thoughts are welcomed in comments. Embedded code below: Sat, 29 Oct 16 01:25:33 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/29 Annotations http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/annotations Annotations are specially-formatted PHP docblock comments that are used for class discovery and metadata description. While it is technically possible to use annotations for other purposes, at the moment Drupal only uses them for the plugin system. In this tutorial we'll look at: What annotations are The use-case for annotations How to figure out what you can put into an annotation By the end of this tutorial you should understand how annotations are used in Drupal and how to write them in your own code. Sun, 16 Oct 16 10:50:18 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/27 Short trip on Entity API in Drupal 8 http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/short-trip-entity-api-drupal-8 There is a lot of literature about entities and their purpose in Drupal 7 context. Most of it has been adopted in Drupal 8 as well. In this post, I'll highlight the differences between D7 and D8 entities and how to use the entity API in 8. Entities have their own classes in 8. Also, Drupal 8 introduces the concept of config entities. These are used to store user-created configuration if its more than a piece of text, boolean or integer. They differ from the usual entities in the following ways: Tue, 11 Oct 16 22:06:51 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/25 Everything Is Entity or Entity is Everything in Drupal 8 http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/everything-entity-or-entity-everything-drupal-8 Much like previous versions of Drupal, version 8 of the CMS revolves around the concept of Entities. These are objects that have an ID, Language, Type, and Storage. Some optional properties are URLs, Bundles, and labels. They can be viewed, loaded, created, saved, and deleted, as well as have access permissions set for them. Most things in Drupal are entities, such as Users, Nodes, or Blocks. Fri, 07 Oct 16 14:57:26 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/21 How to deploy QUICKLY and SAFELY to the live site WITHOUT comprehensive testing http://www.zhilevan.com/en/blog/how-deploy-quickly-and-safely-live-site-without-comprehensive-testing On the one hand, you want to deploy changes to the live site QUICKLY (for, say, a Highly Critical security update). On the other hand, you want make changes SAFELY, ie. you don't want it to break the site. Testing is good. Automated testing is great. But what if you simply didn't have the resources to comprehensively test the change (either manually or automatically)? Mon, 03 Oct 16 13:41:01 +0330 http://www.zhilevan.com/16